A downloadable game

Rules for fantastic adventure games
playable with paper and pencil and polyhedral dice

ItD:R is a lightweight fantasy-themed role-playing ruleset designed for a streamlined gameplay. Gather your friends, grab some dice, and dive into the world of sword and sorcery adventures of your own creation!

In this book you will find:

  • Easy to learn rules, core ones fit on a one-page spread
  • Quick character generation and feature-based levelling
  • Fast combat thanks to the absence of to-hit rolls
  • Basic domain rules for upper-level games
  • A magic system with easy-to-remember spell effects
  • Simple game mechanics allow the Referee to minimize session preparation time
  • A guide for converting monsters from any D&D system
  • A bunch of additional and alternative rules to mix and match for the perfect gaming experience
  • A couple of random inspiration tables to use for preparation or even during sessions
  • A small bestiary with different monsters and wild animals

Home Page: https://vladar4.github.io/itdr/


itdr-v2.1.pdf 3 MB
itdr_light-v2.1.pdf 1 MB
itdr_minimal-v2.1.pdf 1 MB
booklets.zip 12 MB
charsheets.zip 1 MB
timesheets.zip 593 kB

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